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Deadline to apply: November 17th, 2023

Funded by the European Union
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About the open call

BEYOND is a pan-European initiative fostering collaboration among accelerators and venture capital investors to facilitate the smooth flow of capital and expedite the international growth of early-stage startups. 

What does the BEYOND Program look like?

The offer to startups will consist of the following:

Up to 50.000€ investment as a trigger for a 150.000€ syndication from our curated network of international investors

Two Investor Managers dedicated to fine-tuning your startup and navigating the fundraising journey

Access to an international network of investors willing to syndicate

Access to potential customers in the form of corporate partners willing to join pilot projects

Exited startup journey ahead

Do you want to know more?

We invest directly 50.000€ on the terms of your lead investor (preferably in a convertible loan, not asking for equity) and support you to raise 150.000€ in syndication from our curated network of international investors. We take you on the journey to 500.000€ in seed investment from quality investors. Beyond money, you get strong mentorship support, marketing, and growth coverage from a team of experts. 

Prepare for a 10-week rollercoaster of growth and knowledge. We’re not just throwing money at you; we’re crafting a solid foundation for your success:

INVESTMENT PROGRAM: A focused 10-week effort to secure a seed round with the best investors in the game.

BEYOND Community Activities: Ongoing access to investor insights, live mentor talks, mastermind sessions for peer-to-peer founder sparring, and portfolio meetups to exchange learnings and contacts.

Nope, we’re your support crew, not the pilot. While we guide you through raising your seed round, we let the seed VCs take the lead when the time comes.

Buckle up for an online adventure! The program unfolds in the digital realm, with the exception of our kick-off event. Pack your bags because we’re meeting for two days in Copenhagen, Madrid, or Sofia.

Good news—it’s free for startups, thanks to the European Union’s support. All we ask is for your commitment. Mark your calendar for key dates:

Acceleration Due Diligence (Round 1): 1-hour online meeting between December 18 to 20, 2023.

Acceleration Due Diligence (Round 2): Another 1-hour online meeting between January 2 to 12, 2024.

Camp 1: Sofia, Bulgaria on February 26 to 27—book those two full days.

Camp 2: Online, March 11 and 12, 2024.

Camp 3: Also online, March 25 and 26, 2024.

Any doubts?

If you need to know more about the program and what we offer you can contact Verica Poposka at verica(at)