Raising pre-seed or seed investment is hard. Attracting capital from international investors is even harder. BEYOND makes that journey easier!

2nd Open Call active now until: November 17th, 2023

Funded by the European Union
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Benefits for start-ups

BEYOND’s goal is to help start-ups reach their full financial potential. We provide you with top-tier mentors, a global investing network and robust syndicated investment to get you where you need to be.

Jump into the funding fast lane

Whether you are a start-up, an accelerator or an investor, OnePass allows you to create an identity pass only once and from then on you can leap into the funding fast lane: it will actively match you with cross border funding opportunities, acceleration programs or startups and reduce drastically the time to funding and due diligence.

Virtual Accelerator Marketplace (VAM)

Join the Virtual Accelerator Marketplace to access curated start-ups from emerging markets. You’ll be in contact with top-notch mentors and investors who are eager to finance the greatest start-ups in Europe.

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BEYOND’s goal & ambition

We strive to create a more interconnected European acceleration industry. How do we close the geographical gap? We champion a trust framework that strengthens investment flows from leading innovation ecosystems to modest innovation ecosystems.

Who is behind BEYOND?

We are five diverse business accelerators and start-up investment funds, colorfully representing regions across Europe.