The project

BEYOND builds digital trust to enhance the exchange of acceleration resources among acceleration ecosystems.

Launched in 2022, BEYOND (Boosting pan-european Exchange between acceleration ecosYstems for improving quality and Outreach of busiNess acceleration services in Developing innovation ecosystems) is funded by the European Commission through its Horizon Europe programme, under grant agreement number 101071410.

BEYOND aims to create a more interconnected European business acceleration industry between emerging and strong acceleration ecosystems in Europe. We conduct a channel of increased investment flows from net contributor regions (leaders) towards emerging regions as net beneficiaries. Our channel provides one effective solution against the undesired geographical gap.

BEYOND will help close the gap through its Virtual Accelerator Marketplace (VAM). The VAM has five objectives

Create a cross-border funding passport (OnePass) that will make it easier for start-ups to receive funding.

Build definitive acceleration methodology & an online platform.

Offer resources from partners to add value for start-ups.

Generate incentive structure for partners to benefit from providing added value for start-ups.

Create a cross-border funding marketplace.

The Virtual Accelerator Marketplace (VAM)

will be tested through three editions of a joint acceleration program co-designed by five business accelerators. Backed by their own start-up investment funds, the program represents emerging regions—Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland—and strong regions—Denmark and Spain. BEYOND will select and support around 40 start-ups through mentoring, funding support and investment.

BEYOND Joint Thesis

We believe first-timers and those from diverse sectors and backgrounds make uniquely successful founders. The hardest part of the start-up journey? Getting to product-market fit. We expedite the product-market fit process, increasing your fundraising at a higher valuation. 

We do this through a challenge-driven, transparent and individual process based on simple principles:

Accumulated learning—avoiding the mistakes made by others

Right action at the right time—creating focus

Fast & cheap access to feedback from mentors, technology experts and potential customers—creating more opportunities for testing and validating critical assumptions

Adding momentum—using capital and resources

We’ve created a platform where start-ups gain international access to the most critical resources to achieve product-market fit. By providing asymmetric information, investors can make better deals. Our platform is led by an international consortium of the most celebrated accelerators built around a common incentive—we’ve got our skin in the game.