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All-in-one digital platform for vehicle management

Mindset Design

SportTech- Mindset training app for junior athletes (VODAR)


FoodObox helps food business owners reduce food waste by selling their surplus through the FoodObox mobile app, reaching new customers while also helping the planet WEB

Amira Meditech

Amira Meditech has developed AskTheCP, a software solution that helps healthcare practitioners improve the outcome of antibiotic prescription in hospitals while also helping fight the threat of antibiotic resistance on…
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Ubitrack is a cutting-edge football performance data provider that extracts performance data from video footage using its artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, resulting in high-accuracy, objective data, which is instrumental for…
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Relaxify’s innovative app helps people develop new techniques for self-improvement, find balance and feel empowered, with a daily mental health program tailored to their needs. WEB